Major Event?

Personal communications are being cut in conjunction with cyber attacks on Drudge and other sites. This would obviously be done before a major event to leave people helpless. Seek alternative communications.


At The Range


A member helps a cadet build confidence. We value our younger sons of liberty and encourage family participation. The next generation must be taught the truths of freedom. Public schools controlled by world government will not do it.

Croatan National Forest


The Ranger Handbook is one that you can carry with you. It has small print but is comprehensive. A PDF file helps for easier reading at home while using the book for reference in the field. You can fit it in a zip lock bag and drop it in the rear pocket of your tactical pants.

We are blessed to have access to the Croatan National Forest. Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station is to the north and Camp Lejeune is to the south. The handbook, land and veterans make a good combination for training.